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Thursday, April 7, 2011

N64. Portable. Yeah- I know.

Now, I know what your thinking, its been done before. Someone has just made another portable N64. Well thats true. What makes this different? Well I'll tell you. Its capable of playing GoldenEye. Split screen. Thats right, this portable N64 is capable of playing one of the best N64 games, split screen. It also has an extra controller port. Now I don't know if you guys are N64 fans, but this just makes me happy. I wish I could get my hands on one. While the screen may be a little bit small to play a split screen game on, we do have to keep in mind, this is a portable console not a television.
There it is. That is the portable console with the extra controller port next to it. The design isn't anything fancy, and not so much creative but I believe it is still worthy of sales. I know if I had the choice I would buy it. It would be really cool if game stores across the nation would re-release old consoles in modified forms like this. I'd get it. What about you? 


  1. Will you be able to play against someone who's near you?
    Like with bluetooth or something.

  2. That one is awesome, getting your controller to the portable! :)

  3. @MDstuff1337 You use the N64 controllers, which are not wireless by default but you can buy some.